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Domestic or care home versions available

Our lone person home monitoring system provides you, your family relatives and/or carers, direct and discreet remote monitoring of elderly relatives within their own home, whilst avoiding any third-party involvement or fees.

A lack of movement in a specific area (kitchen, Hallway, etc.) during specific time slots can send warning notification to relatives.Should no recent movement be indicated, with the last movement being from an area which raises concern, (i.e. stairs), then a message can be sent to relatives to encourage them to call the emergency services

External doors can be fitted with electric lock releases, to provide remote unlocking facility for doctor, ambulance, etc. Should a doctor or ambulance be summoned, then upon their arrival, you can remotely unlock the entrance door to allow them entry.

Track-In is a stand-alone system which is activated by movement detectors, door contacts, smoke detectors, and panic buttons. Track-in will monitor the movement of your loved one around their home. Their privacy is maintained as only the time and location of each movement is recorded, and you have direct access to the system via PC, mobile phone or tablet.Internal sounders or flashing lights can be activated remotely to let your relative know that you are checking on them, requiring them to reset, and thus reassuring you of their well being.


Direct remote access 24/7

No third-party involvement once fitted

No rental nor monitoring fees

Two-way communication

Remote control of locks, sounders, lights, etc

Remote access to alter programming

Access control facility for visitors

Peace of mind for lone person and relatives

Nursing & Residential Homes

Monitor all rooms simultaneously for internal movement and door opening, while retaining the occupant’s full privacy

Be aware immediately if someone is unexpectedly active or has left their room. All rooms monitored on one display, with optional audio warning when required (sleeping hours)

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